Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sadik Hakim Duluth Clippings and Wes Montgomery Birthday Release

I am surprised, and a bit ashamed, to note that it has taken me a full year to post some rare clippings of Sadik Hakim (see other posts by clicking on his name in the right column) that a correspondent supplied me.  Dave Lull, who works in Minnesota, went out of his way to photocopy these valuable portals into the past from a library, preserved on microfilm, scan them to .pdf's, and send them to me. Unfortunately, making them available to others got kicked down my list of prioritiesa rather poor way to show my appreciation to Dave for his research. Thanks again, Dave! 

On a new page of "The Jazz Annex"here's the linkare hyperlinked titles of two articles about Hakim.  The first, "Duluth Native Hakim to Give Concert Here," is a News Tribune piece, dated May 16, 1976 (the jazz great, who died in 1983, was still with us then). Underneath that scan is an imperfect copy of the second article, one of the fullest accounts extant of Hakim's career, written with enthusiasm by jazz journalist Tom Surowicz for the Twin Cities Reader, a weekly paper. (If you don't scroll past Tom's piece, you'll miss a great photo of Hakim at the piano, arms outstretched as though he were excitedly amplifying a point of conversation. I copied it onto that Annex page).  

Dave later provided me with a better scan of "Forgotten Man: Duluth Pianist Sadik Hakim, Unsung Hero of Minnesota Jazz," now accessible through this link and the second link on the Annex page. (Be assured that the text is all there; in order to follow it, however, you must "page down" from the bottom of the first column on the first page to the top of the first column on the second, and then back to the top of the second column of the first page.  I'm sure you'll find doing more intuitive than it sounds.)

Separately: long-buried tracks of live and studio dates of Wes Montgomery's from late '50s Indianapolis were released on CD today, the 89th anniversary of his birth.  Echoes of Indiana Avenue is available in .mp3 files, but the CD comes with a booklet packed with historical and pictorial goodies, so that's what I'm getting.