Monday, July 26, 2010

Lubricant for Someone "Stuck in '62"?

Someone like me.

The promotional site for Cicily Janus' new book, The New Face of Jazz, An Intimate Look at Today's Living Legends and the Artists of Tomorrow, has a promotional page with a message that I must take to heart:

"You’ve heard about them time and time again. Their music—the most influential notes ever played. Bird, `Trane, Miles, Ella and their peers are immortalized in personal CD and iTunes libraries around the world. You can find their histories, the dirt behind their careers and endless archives in hundreds of books, encyclopedias and limitless websites

"Oh . . . and one more thing.

"They’re dead.

"The musicians cataloged in these pages are not. They eat, breathe, sleep and live for Jazz. As unsung heroes of America’s only original art form, you need to know them. As a matter of fact, you already should.

"Because they’re accessible.


"Entertaining. . . ."

All right. I'll re-think my stuck-ness.

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